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Books to Screen

This post could have been called Books to Movies till a few years back, but now there is so much work happening on streaming platforms, other web content that it just didn’t seem right – so here’s Books to Screen.

Like anyone who reads and loves a book – I too tend to approach movies (or series) based on them with caution. Subplots are dropped or modified to fit the transition to screen, storylines changed and the visuals just don’t match what you had imagined them to be. More often than not, the screen adaptations don’t do justice to the original content – partially due to the limited time they have to tell the story (in case of movies), and because they are competing with your imagination. 

Having said that, you cannot deny the sheer reach that the screen adaptations bring to literature. It could be giving a physical incarnation of a character for those who would never read them. Or it could introduce a new author to someone who watched a fantastic movie and knew instinctively that it had to be based on a book. 

Rosamund Pike as Amy in Gone Girl
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The latter happened to me with Gone Girl. When I watched the movie (was it in 2014?), I hadn’t read any of Gillian Flynn’s books. The movie was fantastic and so was Rosamund Pike as Amy. It helps that David Fincher directed it, but the star of the movie is the screenplay written by Gillian. After the movie, I went on a reading spree of the disturbing world of her protagonists where almost everything is a murky grey.


Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
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Sharp Objects Amy Adams HBO
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Thus we arrive at Sharp Objects – a book that made my skin crawl. It was recently made into a series starring Amy Adams by HBO and I couldn’t imagine how the sense of dread that pervades that book could be depicted visually. But dreadful it is.



Big Little Lies Nicole Kidman Shailene Woodley Reese Witherspoon
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Which now brings us to Jean-Marc Vallée, its director and the other series he directed – Big Little Lies. A fantastic series starring Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and so many more (and is set to bring onboard Meryl Streep… Meryl Streep!!!) which subverts stereotypes, tackles serious issues like domestic abuse. And you watch this series and you wonder – is this based on a book?


Liane Moriarty Big Little Lies
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Of course it is. And thus we meet Liane Moriarty – an Australian author who I hadn’t known before, but is now on my reading list.

Down the rabbit-hole, no? 


Finish your books…

If you are anything like me, “finish your books before you buy new ones” is something that’s been said to you more than once. It usually comes from the real estate angle – where would you keep them? I have a friend who keeps his new books in the boot of his car, and another who has given away his book collection (I still don’t know how).

I buy books constantly – when I am bored, when I am happy, when I am traveling, when I am at home. I buy books like the women in Sex and the city buy shoes. Don’t get me wrong… I buy shoes too… but that’s a topic for another post.

At this time, there are 62 books just in my bedroom. 62. I just counted them. + 1 kindle and the gazillion books on that. I hate to say it but I’ve not read some of them even once. However, there are some that I have read more than a couple of times. There are rows and stacks and piles of books everywhere.

The Japanese have a word for it – Tsundoku – I came across it on one of my social feeds. I think it translates to the reading pile… the act of buying more books than one can read, but with an intention to read them eventually.

I intend to read every one of these books. I may never be able to catch up because there always will be more. But not one of them has been bought because it looks good on the shelf. Not even one.

Happy Tsundoku-ing!



I am back… my Kindle is not

It’s been a while since I posted here. So a quick update to catch you up on a few things. I’ve been reading a lot more. I was looking to read 50 books this year, I haven’t kept track but I’ve read 20-23 till now. I’ve moved to a different house (since I last posted) which has barely any space so am buying a lot of books on the Kindle. I have gotten used to the Kindle too. And now – my kindle behaves like a landline phone (I am assuming you aren’t that young that I have to explain what a landline is).

So coming back to the Kindle, that i bought in Aug2015, now needs to be charged on a daily basis. Which means, if I am reading it then i need to be near electricity. As I write this it is still being charged.

Anyway, rant aside – over the past 3 years I’ve mastered the art of the kind of books that go on the kindle and the ones which are actually bought (hyperbole much). The latter still feels like the real buying experience to me and the former is just about reading the book once – almost like renting it. The books you want to own, come in hard copies – the everyday reading /pop fiction goes on the kindle.

One of the reasons I don’t like buying too many books on the Kindle is because you can’t stumble upon them. They wouldn’t catch your eye randomly, you wouldn’t pick them up while dusting them. You wouldn’t find little notes / dried flowers / money (is that only me?) / old photographs in them. And you don’t get to alphabetise them or sort them by colour or genre (may be by a filter, but that’s not the same).

I simply love rearranging my books. I’ve recently seen a Ted Ed video ( ) which talks about the fastest way to alphabetise your books – and I can’t wait to try it. May be we’ll do a post about that next… until then… happy reading!

A good year for reading…

I have always called myself a reader. But truth be told, for the past few years I have been more of a hoarder than a reader.

This year, however, has been different. I have read so much more than the past few.

And yes, I bought a Kindle. Finally, I gave in. I was fighting the battle of not letting technology take the joy out of reading. But I live in Mumbai, which basically means no storage space. After buying my last book shelf (which only accommodated my existing books) I had taken a vow to finish reading everything I have before I bought more books… except the ones for my holiday.

So 5 days befoIMG_0183re I was supposed to fly off to Europe, I got 3 new books and guess what… 2 days before my flight I had finished them all. Then my brother was gifted a Kindle for his b’day and I figured what the hell… how bad can it be and I got the Kindle with the special one day delivery, just in time to make my flight.

When I was buying it, I did feel like I was selling out… that I am cheating on books. I felt it would be a waste and I wouldn’t like it at all.

So I went on my trip and came back having read 8 books on a 2 week vacation. All I did was eat, read, walk, sleep, repeat. The kindle wasn’t bad at all. I do miss the smell of books – new and old… but I have been reading a lot more. So as it turns out, now I’d only be buying the books which I want in the big study which I will one day have. All the rest can stay on the Kindle.

Anyway, coming back to the good year… the #BrunchBookChallenge by #HTBrunch has been completed and with a few months to spare 🙂

  1. The Visitor – Lee Child
  2. The death of Ivan Ilyich – Leo Tolstoy
  3. Forgetting – Devashish Makhija
  4. Haroun & the sea of stories – Salman Rushdie
  5. Sons of fortune – Jeffrey Archer
  6. The art of choosing – Sheena IyengarIMG_0650
  7. The onion – Gunter Grass
  8. Scion of Ikshvaku – Amish
  9. Go set a watchman – Harper Lee
  10. Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn
  11. The house that BJ built – Anuja Chauhan
  12. The girl in the spider’s web – David Lagercrantz
  13. The secret of chimneys – Agatha christie
  14. The girl on the train – paula hawk
  15. The odessa file – frederich forsyth
  16. Gone tomorrow – Lee child
  17. The case of the duplicate daughter – erle stanley gardner
  18. the devotion of suspect x – keigo higashino
  19. Unnatural causes – P D James
  20. The enemy – lee child
  21. the mysterious affair at styles – agatha christie
  22. an unsuitable job for a woman – p d james
  23. false impression – jeffrey archer
  24. personal – lee child

Happy reading 🙂

Jack reacher is back


So what happens when you reorder your books… You find half read books which you had forgotten about…

And when you have a shelf of half read books… What do you do?

You pick up the lee child. Because you know… There are some days when only pop fiction would do.

So now the books have been set alphabetically (except d… Story for another day) and bad luck and trouble has been read. It’s all things lee child. Visual. Page turner. Easy.

It’s about bad things happening to someone he knows and how bad things happen to the people who did the aforementioned bad things. It’s not a bad read but it’s not his best. Probably why it was half read…

Now I am out of jack reachers. When am I buying the next one…. Well… Whenever I travel next…